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A taste of the ‘sweetness of teaching’ at a permanent school

(US, MA, 1 May)

One woman, Faye, determined to ground herself spiritually after the joyous news of her first pregnancy. She looked at the course offerings at Green Acre Bahá’í School, and was excited to discover a course on “Teaching is the Greatest Gift.”

Faye was impressed with the patience and finesse of the presenter, Bruce, as she watched him allow everyone to voice their concerns and then led them back to the answers found in the presentation materials.

At the weekend’s outset, she and fellow classmates reconnected with their love of Bahá’u’lláh by reflecting together on their personal “first moments,” when they recognized Him.

Building on this rekindled love, and as each day passed, the group found their devotions growing in length and intensity as they turned to the Concourse for inspiration.

With their new understanding, the group turned to action.

Studying from Ruhi Book 6, Teaching the Cause, she found herself thinking, “Anna’s Presentation! How could I be so behind? Why hadn’t I already done Book 6?!”

Her excitement continued to build as she and her fellow classmates found a model of direct teaching they felt comfortable using and then completed personal action pledges.

Faye’s story did not end with her good-byes at Green Acre. As she reported to the Office of Education and Schools, she returned home, “inspired” and with “a renewed spirit, one full of kinetic energy ready to serve.”

“Despite the exhaustion from days full of study and late nights talking quietly with my new Bahá’í friends,” she wrote, “the moment I arrived home I hopped onto my computer and started to take action on the commitments I had made.

“By the time I was done, I had invited someone to start a teaching team, set in motion a fireside, contacted a friend for a home visit, and started planting seeds for children’s classes!”

(The American Bahá’í, By: Office of Education and Schools)

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