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From the latest Ridván message of the Universal House of Justice encouraging systematic application on behalf of the Baha’is’ of learnings being gained as a result of the friends’ dedicated efforts in pursuit of the goals of the Plan.


Our supplications, offered at the Threshold of an All-Bountiful Providence, are for the assistance of the Supreme Concourse to be vouchsafed to every one of you in contributing to the progress of the Plan. Our fervent desire, bolstered by witnessing your consecrated efforts during the past year, is that you will intensify your sure-footed application of the knowledge you are acquiring through experience. Now is not the time to hold back; too many remain unaware of the new dawn. Who but you can convey the divine message? “By God,” Baha’u’llah, referring to the Cause, affirms, “this is the arena of insight and detachment, of vision and upliftment, where none may spur on their chargers save the valiant horsemen of the Merciful, who have severed all attachment to the world of being.”


(Emphasis has been added. Read the full message here:

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In this year’s Ridván message the House of Justice directs our attention to “the qualities that [must] distinguish our service to the peoples of the world,” qualities that will determine the success of our teaching efforts:

So free must be your thoughts and actions of any trace of prejudice—racial, religious, economic, national, tribal, class, or cultural—that even the stranger sees in you a loving friend.

So high must be your standard of excellence and so pure and chaste your lives that the moral influence you exert penetrates the consciousness of the wider community.

Only if you demonstrate the rectitude of conduct to which the writings of the Faith call every soul will you be able to struggle against the myriad forms of corruption, overt and subtle, eating at the vitals of society.

Only if you perceive honour and nobility in every human being—this independent of wealth or poverty—will you be able to champion the cause of justice.

Finally, the House assures us: “As you press ahead, be confident that the Concourse on High is marshalling its forces and stands ready to come to your aid. Our continued prayers will surround you.”

The Seat of the Universal House of Justice on Mount Carmel. This building houses the international governing council of the worldwide Bahá’� community.

Is there any more “time to lose”?

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Feeble are we, strengthen us to diffuse the fragrances of Thy Holiness;
poor, enrich us from the treasures of Thy Divine Unity;
naked, clothe us with the robe of Thy bounty;
sinful, forgive us our sins by Thy grace, Thy favor and Thy pardon.
Thou art, verily, the Aider, the Helper, the Gracious, the Mighty, the Powerful.
The glory of glories rest upon them that are fast and firm.

—‘Abdu’l-Bahá, (BP, 202)

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(Ridván 2008 message)

(Image reproduced with permission of the Bahá’í International Community)

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