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Regular core activities and training in Anna’s presentation lay a foundation for successful teaching efforts

(US, CA, 1 May)

The following report from a recently launched intensive program of growth shows how core activities nourish the teaching efforts of the believers:

Today is day number one for door-to-door teaching at one apartment complex where one of the friends has been teaching a children’s class for over a year. There are about 200 adults and children in this complex, and more than 30 are already part of the community of interest.

This evening two of the friends started teaching. They knocked on one door of a home where family members are already participating in study circles and children’s classes. During this visit, three people declared their belief in Bahá’u’lláh.

For certain, a new spirit is permeating this cluster. Friends are calling and asking to receive training on delivering Anna’s presentation more effectively; young adults have recently called and asked to consult on how to be more outward looking and how to use Anna’s presentation, and the Local Assemblies are quickly and nimbly responding to the Plan and to collaboration.

(Report from the Santa Clara County West “A” stage cluster)



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