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…the couple looked to relocate…

Appropriately, they sought guidance from the Regional Bahá’í Council…

The Council’s homefront pioneering office sent them a list of priority clusters, and armed with that they set about listening to clusters’ needs and trying to “decide who we could be the most help to,” recalls Margie.

When the dust settled, Margie and Fariborz and two children still in high school found themselves in New Berlin in the B-stage Waukesha County cluster.

As for their own service, Margie and Fariborz, after much prayer, decided to start a musical fireside.

“The idea was the local Bahá’ís could show off their musical talent and invite their friends,” explained Margie. “Musical talent, however, is not a requirement, as many come just to enjoy the music.”

Each fireside begins with a potluck dinner and social hour. Then the musical portion starts with a prayer and the reading of Bahá’í writings on music.

“At the last fireside, there were three members of the community of interest who were very inspired, and at their follow-ups requested more information about the Bahá’í Faith and promised to be back,” reports Margie.

(“Homefront pioneers help ignite two clusters“, The American Bahá’í – Published: 4/4/2008


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