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(US – TX/ New Zealand, 2010)

In this recording of a talk given by the late Dr. Peter Khan in New Zealand 2010, he tells the fascinating and instructive story of a Baha’i teacher who was able to teach and confirm a number of people where he lived despite his inability to communicate with them in their language.

Listen to the 6 minutes starting from 57min14sec (it is set to start automatically from there at this link:)

until 1hr3min40sec.

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When the friends do not endeavour to spread the message, they fail to remember God befittingly, and will not witness the tokens of assistance and confirmation from the Abhá Kingdom nor comprehend the divine mysteries. However, when the tongue of the teacher is engaged in teaching, he will naturally himself be stimulated, will become a magnet attracting the divine aid and bounty of the Kingdom, and will be like unto the bird at the hour of dawn, which itself becometh exhilarated by its own singing, its warbling and its melody.

– ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Selections, #211


 Praise be to God that the teachings of God are revoiced, the light of reality has dawned again, the effulgence is increasing daily, and the radiance is shining more gloriously in the zenith. From the cloud of mercy a deluge is descending; the Sun of Reality is brilliant in its eternal station.

Again we are hopeful that the same springtime may pitch its tent and that these boundless bestowals may appear once more among us. Through your efforts and sincerity this is made possible. If you arise in the Cause of God with divine power, heavenly grace, the sincerity of the Kingdom, a merciful heart and decisive intention, it is certain that the world of humanity will be entirely illumined, the moralities of mankind will become merciful, the foundations of the Most Great Peace will be laid, and the oneness of the kingdom of man will become a reality. This is the great bounty I desire for you, and I pray and supplicate the divine threshold, imploring in your behalf.

O Thou merciful God! O Thou Who art mighty and powerful! O Thou most kind Father!

These servants have gathered together, turning to Thee, supplicating Thy threshold, desiring Thine endless bounties from Thy great assurance. They have no purpose save Thy good pleasure. They have no intention save service to the world of humanity.

O God! Make this assemblage radiant. Make the hearts merciful. Confer the bounties of the Holy Spirit. Endow them with a power from heaven. Bless them with heavenly minds. Increase their sincerity, so that with all humility and contrition they may turn to Thy kingdom and be occupied with service to the world of humanity. May each one become a radiant candle. May each one become a brilliant star. May each one become beautiful in color and redolent of fragrance in the Kingdom of God.

O kind Father! Confer Thy blessings. Consider not our shortcomings. Shelter us under Thy protection. Remember not our sins. Heal us with Thy mercy. We are weak; Thou art mighty. We are poor; Thou art rich. We are sick; Thou art the Physician. We are needy; Thou art most generous.

O God! Endow us with Thy providence. Thou art the Powerful. Thou art the Giver. Thou art the Beneficent.


– ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Paris Talks, p. 55-56


This story from Chantelle’s blog demonstrates the effectiveness of a discerning use of arts and media as a means for attracting hearts when presenting the sacred Message of Bahá’u’lláh.

[I] had an incredible experience back home, we had a musical fireside the second Saturday I was back at my house, and [my father] who’s not a Baha’i brought along his new tenant who had shown an interest in the Faith when she saw the newspaper article in his office with my massive face on it saying “Baha’i baby.”

– “Are you a Baha’i?”
– “No, my daughter is, she just got back from Israel, she can tell you all about it.”

So we organised this event, with her in mind, going through ‘Anna’s presentation’ with songs dispersed throughout and two videos, and slide show with quotes on….
It was AMAZING, we had three interested people come, and [after the presentation] we all naturally paired off and went through in more detail what we had covered using the flipcharts….for about 45 minutes we did that one-on-one type deepening and the room was alive… [My mother] handed out dessert and we continued, then the lady [my father had] brought came to me and said “I just told [your mother] and I would like to tell you that I would like to formally become a Baha’i” – Stunned look on Chantelle’s face….
“Wow…yes oh my gosh…thats great”
Of course we have no declaration cards…but yeah…she just instantly recognised Baha’u’llah in those two hours
She is from India, had been living in NZ for two years, and told me, at the age of 13 she [had encountered a man in New Dehli who informed her about] the building of the ‘new Baha’i Temple’. From that moment on she was intrigued by this Faith…and then as a 32 year old living in NZ….she finally finds out more deeply about it and declares…
What a gift.
I sat and talked with her at her place quite a few times…, it was like meeting my sister in a way…we just got each other!!

Chantelle adds in an email to me about what they did after the media presentation, studying together one-on-one:

[Basically, the initial, general] presentation took highlights of [Anna’s presentation], such as relationship to God, Manifestation, Baha’u’llah, the Covenant, Oneness of humanity, and then we went through step-by-step in more detail of Anna’s presentation in flipchart form so they [could] internalise what they just saw and dig [deeper] into concepts.


Thank you, Miss Brader!

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Ringstone symbol on the Shrine of the Báb

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Down the millennia, the lives of those who responded to intimations of the Divine have inspired breathtaking achievements in music, architecture, and the other arts, endlessly replicating the soul’s experience for millions of their fellow believers. No other force in existence has been able to elicit from people comparable qualities of heroism, self-sacrifice and self-discipline.

The Universal House of Justice, One Common Faith, p. 14

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(Emphasis added. Used with the author’s permission) ( (Another of Chantelle’s postings is cited here) (Image reproduced with permission of the Bahá’í International Community)

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