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(Haifa, January 2010)

Messages – reminders – relevant to us all in our paths of service, although addressed to Baha’i youth attending a UK conference, from our Supreme Body. Could it really be this simple: Renewed dedication to the process of learning-through-action, then commitment to engage in one or more of the core activities? Let’s try it, and find out!

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7 January 2010

The hundreds of pledges made to establish or assist with core activities is vivid testimony to the spirit of dedication which permeated that gathering. The friends may be assured of the prayers of the House of Justice in the Holy Shrines that Baha’u’llah may guide and confirm their every step taken in selfless service to His Cause.

With loving Baha’i greetings,

Department of the Secretariat


1 January 2010

To the Friends Gathered at the Youth Conference in the United Kingdom

(…) The need for you to apply yourselves to service in two capacities in particular–as teachers of children’s classes and as animators of junior youth groups–has never been more apparent. Countless parents yearn for the means of developing their children’s spiritual faculties that would lay within them the foundations of a principled and upright character. And surely every young person will flourish in a programme that helps to form a strong moral identity in the critical years of early adolescence and empowers participants to contribute to the well-being of society. Beyond these specific fields of activity, you must not refrain from acquainting your peers with the potent, the compelling, the world-embracing mission with which you are charged. Which of them would not feel their spirits enriched for contemplating how, through the application of those far-reaching principles enunciated by Baha’u’llah, the regeneration of the world can be accomplished and its perplexing crises resolved? Which of them would not be raised to a new consciousness of humanity’s capacity to “carry forward an ever-advancing civilization” by combining their energies with yours and bending them towards this noble aim?

The Universal House of Justice

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Dancing youth express their energy in Canada. (Photo: Ryan Lash)

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[R]eceptivity manifests itself in a willingness to participate in the process of community building set in motion by the core activities. In cluster after cluster where an intensive programme of growth is now in operation, the task before the friends this coming year is to teach within one or more receptive populations, employing a direct method in their exposition of the fundamentals of their Faith, and find those souls longing to shed the lethargy imposed on them by society and work alongside one another in their neighbourhoods and villages to begin a process of collective transformation. If the friends persist in their efforts to learn the ways and methods of community building in small settings in this way, the long-cherished goal of universal participation in the affairs of the Faith will, we are certain, move by several orders of magnitude within grasp.
To meet this challenge, the believers and the institutions that serve them will have to strengthen the institute process in the cluster, increasing significantly within its borders the number of those capable of acting as tutors of study circles; for it should be recognized that the opportunity now open to the friends to foster a vibrant community life in neighbourhoods and villages, characterized by such a keen sense of purpose, was only made possible by crucial developments that occurred over the past decade in that aspect of Bahá’í culture which pertains to deepening.
– The Universal House of Justice, Ridvan 2010 Message, par. 6 & 7

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