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(US – WY, 23 November)

These devoted believers living in a remote region have found a way to share the healing Message with whoever crosses their path.

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Using one’s work to teach

Two intriguing stories from Star Valley, WY (a remote locality in a huge C-stage cluster) – the friends here have found a creative way to teach the Faith specific to their situation: In the store that they own, they display a number of Bahá’í prayers that visitors can take for free, as well as other pamphlets, and when questions and conversations on the Faith open up naturally, they then step in to teach. The power of pure deeds to transform hearts and stimulate interest in the Faith is also demonstrated. Both stories involve visitors to the town who came to the store.

One afternoon, two women came into our store in Star Valley. One of them started reading literature on the Faith that is displayed in the store. I told her she was welcome to take it; she then said, “Explain this religion to me.” So we spoke for 30 minutes. She said this is what people like me and the rest of the planet need. She intends to look up the Bahá’ís in her home city, and also come see us on her next visit to Star Valley.

Yesterday another woman came into the store. We have displayed the Tablet that begins with “Be generous in prosperity” that people can take for free. This woman was holding the Tablet, and she explained that she had recently lost her husband. A Bahá’í had made the coffin, and the care he had taken, and the kindness he showed her and her children, had impressed her. However, he had never explained what the Faith was. She now wanted some information to take back to her family so they could understand what motivated this individual to be the way he was. She took a copy of The Bahá’ís magazine, the “Be generous in prosperity” tablet, and the morning prayer (also displayed in the store). We shared a prayer together for her departed husband.

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Engaging in conversation on the Faith, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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O THOU who bearest My Name, Júd  [Bounty]! Upon thee be My Glory. … Arise thou to serve the Cause of thy Lord. … Admonish everyone moreover to observe prudence as ordained by Him, and in the Name of God advise them, saying: It behoveth every one in this Day of God to dedicate himself to the teaching of the Cause with utmost prudence and steadfastness. Should he discover a pure soil, let him sow the seed of the Word of God, otherwise it would be preferable to observe silence.

– Bahá’u’lláh, ToB 42

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