I came accross this interesting report on an email teaching list (“pilgrim1”):

A brief introduction to Richard Hoff’s Effective Teaching Workshop (which helped three teams find 6 new believers and over a dozen contacts for core activities in one weekend of teaching in Wichita Falls, TX, “C” cluster):
Richard Hoff is one of the preeminent teachers of the Baha’i Faith in America, having been the instrument, together with his dear wife, Pauline, for the Holy Spirit to bring into the Faith in this country more new believers consistently over a long period of time–over 50 years—-earning him the station of “the Learned of Baha”, as indicated in the Kitab-i-Aqdas. Notwithstanding this fact he is constantly learning to be a more effective teacher by continually refining his teaching skills, methods and process. In his “Effective Teaching Workshop” participants learn from his wealth of experience to effectively:
  • Reach out and make new friends of former “strangers”, sometimes instantly in the first meeting.
  • Build instant rapport and trust with potential seekers, before presenting the Faith to them through Anna’s or other presentations.
  • Use the tool of “praise” in teaching and life.
  • Teach to the heart of the seeker, rather than just to the head,
  • Invite receptive souls into the Faith.
  • Follow-up new believers and receptive souls with a loving and personal approach, while inviting them to the core activities and other activities.
  • Use Anna’s presentation and other approaches to fulfill the needs of the individual seeker.

(Used with the author’s permission)